Family Matters: The Final Chapter

Family Matters is a performance research project by Z-arts into what constitutes ‘family’ in modern society. Late last year, a group of writers got up on stage as part of the Family Arts Festival to tell their own deeply personal stories. The result was a set of Family Matters monologues. See their stories below:

Part 1: Toby

Part 2: Ben – Harsh Winds

Part 3: Louise Wallmein – Glue

Part 4: Sam – Kanchun

The make-up of a family has implications on how we the arts sector communicate with that family, what arts activities we present, and how we make sure those activities are accessible. Read more about how Family Matters aims to encapsulate the diversity of the modern family here.

For ideas of what to programme for this year’s Get Creative Family Arts Festival, check out our Top Tips.

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31 July 2015