Family Arts Festival website opens – upload now to be a Festival highlight! is now up and running for another year, with the facility to upload listings for your October family arts events.

With this year’s Get Creative Family Arts Festival taking place throughout October, any arts event suitable for both adults and children to attend together can be included by uploading an event listing to the website.

Uploading your event listing by the end of April will guarantee that your event is significantly highlighted within our wide-scale press and marketing campaign. Benefits include:

  • a guaranteed mention in our launch press release
  • possible paragraph describing your event in our launch press release and subsequent releases
  • coverage of your event in our national and regional press campaigns
  • possible inclusion of your event on the Get Creative Family Arts Festival homepage
  • promotion of your event on our social media channels

Remember, listings won’t be published until June, and you can revisit the website to update your listing at any time right up until and during the Festival. If your event details are not finalised yet, there’s no reason not to upload the initial details now and update them later.

> Upload your event listing at

11 April 2016