Family Arts Festival & the Biggest Drawing Festival in the World

For a second year, the Family Arts Campaign is partnering with the Big Draw to create the UK’s largest Family Arts Festival. It’s easy to take part in both festivals by uploading your event to the Family Arts Festival website and ticking the ‘in Big Draw’ box. Your event will then be featured on both websites and benefit from both marketing and PR campaigns.

By including your Family Arts Festival event in the Big Draw too, you can apply for a £1000 Drawing Inspiration Award and can receive all the support you need including ideas on:

Throughout October, the Campaign for Drawing will be celebrating its 15th Big Draw festival with many events based on the theme It’s Our World. Unquestionably the world’s biggest drawing festival, this year’s Big Draw is expected to build on previous success – check out the UK events planned so far.

Upload a Big Draw event as part of the Family Arts Festival!


19 September 2014