Create learning adventures for families this Autumn

The annual Family Learning Festival is a perfect opportunity for your organisation to reach more families.

The Festival is a national celebration that takes place over the month of October to mark and inspire a love of learning in family life. During the Festival arts organisations across the country hold activities that take families on new learning adventures. Organisers report that their local festivals are a creative and effective way to reach new family audiences, build new collaborations which support learn and raise the profile of their services.

This year, our overarching theme ‘Try it here and Take it home’ promotes helping families to continue their adventures. Your organisation could do this by providing tools for families to continue learning at home. This could be an activity sheet to follow up on the event, a question for them to discuss together or quick tweet with the hashtag #takehometip

To register for free and to get inspired you can visit the Family Learning Festival website which has interviews with organisers, access to free resources and promotional materials. If you want to find out more about getting involved contact Gurpreet at

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1 August 2018