World Café – your chance to feed into our national Campaign

Thanks to delegates at the recent Manchester Family Arts Network sharing seminar for taking part in the Family Arts Campaign evaluation with our preliminary World Cafe evaluation session.

We’re looking forward to gathering feedback on a larger scale at this February’s Family Arts Conference, where Family Arts Campaign’s independent evaluators Sue Potts and Maria Brewster will use the World Café technique to invite delegates to join an interactive session concerning Family Arts Values.

The World Café is a ‘social technology’ methodology which encourages creative conversations, networking and bringing forth new knowledge which can only be gained through social interaction. The session will be fun, interesting, will hopefully provoke new thinking and encourage you to make connections with delegates within your field, as well as being vital input into the Campaign’s future direction.

The Family Arts Conference is the UK’s largest family arts and culture event and will explore the value of family engagement and how we can communicate that value to families, funders and the wider cultural sector. Taking place Tuesday 12 February 2019 at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool. Read the full programm here.

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Feedback from Manchester Family Arts Network:

Ev 1 successes  Ev 1 barriers LR
Ev 1 networks LR Ev FAC LR

14 January 2019