24 Stories of Family Arts

Wirral Unplugged
Positive Power: Environmental Chemistry

Best Family Arts Activity Nominee

“We engaged underserved families with chemistry in a unique way, through crafts and games, sparking confidence and understanding about pollution and the environment.” – Wirral Unplugged

Wirral Unplugged ran three Environmental Chemistry events to engage under-served families with what environmental chemists do to protect the environment.

Working with chemists, artists and educators, Wirral Unplugged successfully engaged families with concepts including coral bleaching, air filtration and industrial farming through crafts, games and physical movement. Wirral Unplugged’s self-contained Environmental Chemistry boxes further engaged families at home and widened participation.

Wirral Unplugged is a non for profit organisation dedicated to helping parents and carers balance their family’s time on and off screens. Their aim is to make ‘unplugging’ both easy and cool. Through fun events and quality learning-through-play boxes, they inspire carers, children and young people to explore, create and unplug together.

They are family friendly across generations working to connect people without the need for screens. They’re “unplugged to connect” and pride themselves on being accessible, sustainable and creative, providing diverse family groups a way of engaging together and equipping them with the skills and experiences that will help them have a brighter future.

Wirral Unplugged connects with experts, artists and educators to reach the community so that learning is always fun and playful, but also unique and ground-breaking. Their boxes continue the work, making fun, screen-free time as a family as inviting and accessible as possible. Each box takes between 3-9 months to develop locally with woodworkers, printers and craftspeople, and offers families 10 hours of original, sustainable screen-free activities. With topics ranging from STEM to culture, nature to imagination, Wirral Unplugged boxes are created to support families throughout the UK to connect at home without screens.

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Wirral Unplugged has been shortlisted for the Best Family Arts Activity in the Fantastic for Families Awards 2023

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