New Prizes for your audience

Take part in this October’s national Get Creative Family Arts Festival and claim prizes for your family audience.

From now until the end of the Festival we’ll be running a number of competitions with many art, theatre and literature themed prizes available to families who attend your Festival events, along with our popular annual iPad mini prize.


Some of what we’ll be giving away includes:

  • £200 of Theatre Tokens
  • 10 lots of David Walliams 6-Book Mega Box Set
  • 5 sets of 6 Michael Morpurgo books including War Horse
  • an iPad mini
  • Family Tickets to various Festival events
  • more prizes being collected all the time!

Before the event: These prizes are for your audience so do include them in your event marketing in the run up to your Festival event and get families excited about coming to visit you this October!

For chances to win send families to:

After the event: send families who attended your Festival event to your listings page on There’ll be a selection of prizes up for grabs for family members who rate your event, including £200 Theatre Tokens, an iPad mini, and David Walliams and Michael Morpurgo book sets. It’s also a great way to receive feedback from familes on your event/venue, which we’ll pass back to you.

To let your current and potential family audiences know about these opportunities:

> Download resources here


> Upload October Family Arts event listings here

31 May 2016