Promoting your events: new partnerships & live event feeds

A big part of our work at the Family Arts Campaign is supporting your existing marketing activity for your family events through our Fantastic for Families campaign.

You can be part of the year-round Fantastic for Families promotional campaign by uploading all of your family events to

Whilst we think that this website is a great one-stop-shop for families looking for activities to take part in together, the site is also a listings distribution database – we’re reaching out to a wide and diverse pool of partners who families are talking to and visiting regularly.

Some of these partnerships are live event feeds, where your listing will be carried across automatically, and meaning that your listing will appear in multiple national and local family-facing channels as well as our central website.

The live event feed system also means that if you update your event details via the Fantastic for Families database, your listing will be automatically updated across all partner sites, saving your time and energy.

All of our partners have a large reach and an established network of families. Please find a list of our partners so far below.

Event Feeds

Your event information will automatically feed through to:

Please note that what most of these feeds are ‘live’, some are pulled through once a day, and so there may be a slight delay in your listing appearing.

Other partners

Your event could also be covered by one of our other partners:

We’re working hard to expand our reach to families and adding to this list of partners.

Upload an event listing to

31 May 2017