Free marketing opportunity with Get Creative

As you’ll be aware, the Get Creative Family Arts Festival takes place 9 October – 1 November and provides a free promotional platform for family arts events taking place within this window.

For creative events taking place outside of that period, Festival partners Get Creative have an opportunity to use Line-Up Now‘s premium listings service for free. This listings engine gives your events maximum exposure by feeding them through to the popular WOW24/7 website and is also used by a number of publications and journalists compiling what’s-on guides.

So, how to sign up?

Step 1: Sign up as a Get Creative Champion

Step 2: Upload events to Line-Up

Please note that listings must be participatory and either free or cost-recovery only. Also remember that any events that are part of the Get Creative Family Arts Festival will be fed through to this service automatically so there is no need to upload these events again.


9 September 2015