UK’s best age-friendly initiatives and family-friendly activities during the pandemic revealed

We are delighted to announce the winners of this year’s Fantastic for Families Awards!

Now in its eighth year, the annual awards recognise the outstanding creative provision for families across the UK. This year they also celebrate the extraordinary creativity and resilience that the cultural sector has shown during the global pandemic.

So many have made a remarkable contribution to family-friendly arts and culture during the pandemic. Organisations, artists and producers have found creative ways to reach and support families, from children to older generations, despite the difficulties faced by the sector. This year we received over 140 applications – a record-breaking number for the awards and testament to the remarkable achievements of family arts professionals in continuing to support families and older audiences with cultural provision.

We are delighted to celebrate the inspiring work from the family arts sector during the pandemic, a time which has heightened awareness of the value of arts and culture. For so many, creativity has enhanced wellbeing, lifted spirits, entertained, inspired, connected people and provided an opportunity to share stories and experiences in powerful ways.

“Huge congratulations to the winners of this year’s Fantastic for Families awards! It has been truly inspiring to see the incredible work created for and with families during such challenging circumstances. May we also congratulate all of our nominees and everyone who applied. The amount and range of work developed has been astonishing and is testament to the spirit and the ingenuity of those working in the arts and cultural sector to support families most in need.” – Anna Dever, Head of Family Arts Campaign


Best Family Arts Activity Award
This award celebrates activities and events that have been developed for families during the pandemic. The Winners of the Best Family Arts Activity Award are:

Thank you to Alison Bowyer (Executive Director, Kids in Museums) and Laura Bedford (Head of Programmes, Kids in Museums) for judging this category.


Best Age Friendly Outreach Award
This award recognises commitment and support to find ways to connect with older generations despite challenges during Covid19. The Winner of the Best Age Friendly Outreach Award is:

Thank you to Sarah Mears MBE (Programme Manager, Libraries Connected) for judging this category.


Audience Impact & Innovation Award
This award recognises the innovative ways organisations and cultural providers’ have adapted their work and approach to reach families in need during the pandemic. The Winners of the Audience Impact & Innovation Award are:

Thank you to Cath Hume (Chief Executive Officer, Arts Marketing Association) and Karla Barnacle-Best (Chief Executive, Discover Children’s Story Centre) for judging this category.

Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to all of the shortlisted organisations for putting on so many fantastic creative events for families over the past year!

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17 November 2021