Family Arts Standards show an increase in family visitors

We asked Family Arts Standards holding organisations about their experiences being part of this national initiative for families. The results were positive, with most using the Standards to improve the experience of their family visitors, as well as to attract a more diverse range of families.

Most significantly, organisations that were promoting that they had signed up to the Standards were more likely to see an increase in families visiting and taking part in their family activity.

Increase graph

But alongside being a marketing tool, the Standards are also a benchmarking tool, allowing organisations to assess their current provision for families and build upon it. 57% of respondents told us they’d made changes to the way they work with families since signing up to the initiative.

Getting your family offer right for your organisation and audience is an ongoing process, and one that we’d like to support through the Standards, accompanying resources, and the extra marketing benefits we can provide to those signed up. If you’re thinking of signing up, do get in touch with us or have a look at our Standards FAQ.

If you sign up by the 7th December we’ll be able to feature your family events for free in our Christmas family newsletter.

To read to 12 guidelines that make up the Standards click here, or visit the Family Arts Standards page for more information or to sign up.

10 November 2015