2022 Awards Winner

30 Stories of Family Arts:
Peut-Être Theatre

Move! Dance! Use your imagination! Take a brain or sensory break and explore weather, chaos and order, sound and silence, forces, light and dark and rhythms with the Audiomoves podcast.  

Not settling for the common what-will-be-will-be type narrative, Peut-Etre Theatre opens magical worlds for young audiences and transports them to a wider world of unlimited ‘maybe’. By using idiosyncratic movements, music and visual effects, the power of story is used to transform and elevate.

Each seven minute episode is carefully structured to draw children into the story, gently introduce a range of movements and then invites the children to explore how they want to dance. Each session ends with a cool down where the children focus on their breathing, notice the sensations in their bodies and reflect on how the session made them feel.

The podcast was brought to life by Peut-Être Theatre, a children’s dance theatre company that creates ambitious, accessible, multi-disciplinary performances.

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Peut-Être Theatre is a Fantastic for Families Awards 2022 Winner in the category:
Best Family Arts Activity

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