2022 Awards Winner

30 Stories of Family Arts:
Leeds Playhouse

The Armley Comedy Club is part of a three year Comic Relief funded creative outreach project for marginalized older people.  

Held weekly at the Malt Shovel pub, the Comedy Club creates a regular safe place for older men to meet new people, have a free lunch, make new friends, and have a laugh. The concept was suggested by older men in the Playhouse’s steering group, as a response to the needs of the community. As a community it has a large number of older men living on their own and affording meals or eating out alone was identified as an isolating experience. 

Leeds Playhouse identified an accessible local pub and developed a welcoming atmosphere allowing newcomers to just watch, join in a range of comedy games and exercises, and eventually to write their own comedy. The project team worked closely with a steering group of older volunteers to establish the club, including how to promote, reach and engage participants and to ensure those attending benefit from the activities taking place. The Leeds Playhouse team connected with the local Neighbourhood Network groups who regularly seek out opportunities for older people.

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Leeds Playhouse is a Fantastic for Families Awards 2022 Winner in the category:
Best Age-Friendly Outreach

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