2022 Awards Winner

30 Stories of Family Arts:
Aurora Theatre

Searching for magical creatures at the park is no easy matter. Their invisibility would, for many, make the task impossible. However, accompanied by an adult and a smart phone, anyone can search for clues and report them to The Society for the Protection of Magical Animals. It may be the only way to save these special creatures! 

Using augmented reality, treasure hunters can experience natural and social histories by stealth, sparking imagination, conversation, and wonder for everyone involved. 

Hidden Treasures is a game-like theatrical experience for any local park. Adults and children wear headphones and head out on their adventure.  Guided by a narrative voice, sound, and music (triggered by GPS) they become agents for ‘The Society for the Protection of Magical Creatures’ and hunt for treasure. Grandparents and parents can play along as assistants and younger siblings get mini-torches and logbooks so they can join in too.

Aurora Theatre creates, produces, and tours theatrical experiences for children. They make live-digital creative projects, audio walks and performances for the stage, gallery and outdoors. ‍Aurora productions explore big themes for small people, experiment with new technologies and take place in unusual spaces.

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Aurora Theatre is a Fantastic for Families Awards 2022 Winner in the category:
Best Family Arts Activity

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