2022 Awards Winner

30 Stories of Family Arts:
Age Exchange

person’s ability to communicate with words may decline with dementia, but art and creativity is a universal joy and a tool for self-expression that remains, even as the condition progresses. The Age Exchange Caring Together Services are designed for older people who live with dementia, providing meaningful, sensory activity, music, movement, craft, and reminiscence.

Over four decades, Age Exchange has developed user-led reminiscence arts programmes which empower people, enhance their well-being, and reduce their experience of isolation and loneliness. Their projects are delivered by arts professionals trained by Age Exchange in its practice and employed to deliver work in mental health, intergenerational programmes, group work and one-to-one arts activities, They work with vulnerable people to create artworks inspired by lived experience to show in galleries, theatres, museums and libraries, as well as many non-traditional arts venues.

Age Exchange is a vibrant creative community. It welcomes over 180,000 people a year to its centre in Greenwich. They come to take part in art groups, dance classes, yoga, Pilates,

intergenerational theatre productions, to join their reminiscence arts programmes supporting people with dementia and their carers and to volunteer.

Age Exchange also runs the local library. Above the library is the reminiscence centre and the café which attracts large numbers of customers who come to meet friends, to make friends or sign up as volunteers.

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Age Exchange is a Fantastic for Families Awards 2022 Winner in the category:
Best Age-Friendly Outreach

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