What is the Campaign about?

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The Family Arts Campaign is a large scale, national collaborative programme led by the visual and performing arts sectors to increase levels of arts engagement by families. The Campaign focuses on three main areas of work:

  • Increasing the amount and range of high-quality content available
  • Increasing the quality of experience
  • Improving marketing


Who is the Campaign for?

This Campaign is primarily aimed at increasing and broadening audiences and participants for the visual and performing arts sectors generally, though our work is focused on those organisations who are members of our partner organisations, as well as ACE’s National Portfolio Organisations (NPOs).

Other organisations not part of one of the identified groups above, including museums, libraries, and educational establishements, are also welcome and encouraged to access all aspects of the Campaign.

Who is running the Campaign?

The Family Arts Campaign is an initiative of ten organisations & trade bodies:

Association of British Orchestras Independent Theatre Council Society of London Theatre UK THEATRE_CORE_rgb_100





Between 2012 – 2015 the consortium was awarded an initial grant of National Lottery funds by Arts Council England to develop a campaign focusing on the development of family arts engagement. The Campaign is currently funded by ACE until March 2017.


The Family Arts Campaign in Wales is being run for the Arts Council of Wales by Fieldwork in partnership with the UK Family Arts Campaign team, until April 2017. fieldworking.co.uk


The campaign is overseen by a Project Board:

Cassie Chadderton Head of UK Theatre & Membership Development, UK Theatre
Charlotte Jones Chief Executive, Independent Theatre Council
Cath Hume Executive Director, Arts Marketing Association
Robert O’Dowd Chief Executive, Rose Theatre Kingston
Julian Bird Chief Executive, Society of London Theatre
Matthew Swann Chief Executive, City of London Sinfonia
Mark Pemberton Director, Association of British Orchestras
Katy Spicer Chief Executive & Artistic Director, efdss
Anne Torreggiani Executive Director, The Audience Agency
Karla Barnacle-Best CEO, Discover Children’s Story Centre
Lisa Mead Artistic Director, Apples and Snakes
Gordon Dalton National Coordinator, Contemporary Visual Arts Network
Gavin Barlow Chief Executive/Artistic Director, The Albany

Central co-ordination is led by a small team:

Jenny Daly Head of Campaign
Clair Donnelly  Project Manager


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Family Arts Standards FAQ

What are the Standards?

The Standards are a good practice charter for welcoming families. They consist of a set of 12 guidelines accompanied by a family friendly badge or quality mark, enabling an organisation to highlight that it recognises the importance of its family audience. They are both a learning tool and a marketing tool: they give guidance on how best to welcome families to arts organisations and help families looking for arts activities to participate in together.


 Who are they for?

The Family Arts Standards are for any organisation that wishes to engage families in arts activities. This includes arts organisations, producers, museums, libraries, and heritage centres. The standards are equally applicable to venues and non-venue based organisation.


My organisation isn’t a venue, can I sign up?

Yes. We’ve worked hard to make the Family Arts Standards as wide-reaching as possible, and applicable to both venues and non-venue based organisations. For non-venue organisations wanting to check if they meet the Standards, please refer to the appropriate section in the Standards Guidance Document.


 Why create the Standards?

In 2012, the Family Arts Campaign carried out extensive research with both families and arts organisations over a range of issues. One of the key outcomes was that both families and the sector wanted a clear set of guidelines: this would ensure that families could be certain that their needs were being met, and that both venues and non-venue based organisations would know what families required.

  • 1 in 7 families said venues were unwelcoming to families
  • 68% of families say that the “family welcome” is essential or very important
  • Only 3.5% of families said there was “sufficient high quality work available”
  • 8 out of 10 families said there was a need for a nationally recognised “family friendly” logo

“Signing up to the Standards has resulted in G Live developing its hospitality and front of house offer for families” G Live

The Standards will be kept under review by the Family & Childcare Trust, and when necessary will again be revised.


 What do the Family Arts Standards cover?

The Family Arts Standards cover a range of different areas including:

  • Programming and promotion
  • Consultation with families
  • Staff training
  • Facilities – for venues
  • Additional guidance for non-venue based organisations

> Download the full list of Family Arts Standards


 What’s in it for an organisation?

Free marketing tool

The Family Arts Standards are a benchmark that will be recognisable to families when looking for things to do as a family. Using the Family Arts Standards branding can be a simple and effective way to highlight that you are an organisation that recognises the importance of your family audience. You can use the Family Arts Standards logo in your brochure and on your website to communicate this:
Standards holders can also use the following logo to mark particular events that are Fantastic for Families:
FFF logo strip v2
The logo has been developed as a response to the sector’s need to clearly identify their family work outside of the Family Arts Festival. It can be used on any event which is appropriate for families to attend – so this doesn’t just have to be family-specific work, but work that might attract a family audience generally.

Free marketing benefits

Only organisations that sign up to the Family Arts Standards will receive a free profile on our family-facing website fantasticforfamilies.com. Event listings added by Standards holders will be badged with the Standards quality mark, and will be prioritised within the Fantastic for Families marketing campaign. The website is valuable and trustworthy resource for families looking for exceptional places to go and arts experiences to enjoy as a family.

Learning tool

The Standards will enable you to highlight that you are an organisation that recognises the importance of your family audience, and that you wish to continue to develop and maintain a great welcome to families. Many organisations are using the Standards to benchmark their own family friendly offer and to improve upon it – you can read some Standards case studies here.

“We are looking closely at the Standards and how we will improve our family offer post our major refurbishment. It has started conversations about cross-departmental working and how as an organisation we need to prioritise family working” Royal Liverpool Philharmonic


How do I know whether my organisation meets the Standards?

You can read the Standards here.

If you need further guidance, the ‘Guidance for Organisations’ document can be downloaded here. It includes:

  • Tailored guidance for venue and non-venue organisations
  • Checklists to help you judge if you are meeting the Standards
  • Guidance on how you can further improve on what you offer for families
  • How to advertise that you are signed up to the Standards

If there is a particular area that you are unsure about, or if you would like support in anyway, please email us.

How do audiences know about the Standards?

Audiences are becoming increasingly familiar with the Fantastic For Families logo through use by Family Arts Standards holding organisations. They are directed to www.FamilyArtsStandards.com to find out about the Standards and the organisations signed up to them.


How do I sign up?

Once you have assessed whether you meet the standards and are happy that you do, please ask your Chief Executive to email confirmation to Jenny@thealbany.org.uk. Please also let us know who our main contact for this activity within your organisation should be.

You will receive an email confirming your registration along with the logo and brand guidelines. We will also update your listing on fantasticforfamilies.com, our public facing listings website.

“It has definitely made us more aware of family audiences and the things that we need to do to improve our offer to them, and also how we interact with them as customers when they visit our building. This includes not only ticket pricing and timings of performances, but also things like family facilities at the venue, including baby change and signage” Sheffield Theatres Trust

How do I learn more about being Family Friendly?

You can start with our online training and resources library. Organisations wanting to continually improve and enhance their knowledge and understanding of working with families may also wish to see the the Family and Childcare Trust’s resources and training programmes.


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